Guitarist and/or keyboardist wanted

We are looking for a keyboardist and/or second guitarist. Are you interested or do you know someone who might? Please let us know via email ( or facebook (

Posted on 2015 Dec 24 by Epic Mind
Take it slow
We have been inactive for a while now, and here's why. Unfortunately, Raoul has been struggling with an arm injury for several months now, which makes recording (guitars and keyboards) difficult. But we are still working on it and there is progress, so we will get there eventually.
We hope to be able to release another official track soon, so keep track of us!
Posted on 2015 Oct 11 by Epic Mind
Epitome online

You can now listen to the first song of Through the Labyrint online via the on the main page, or download it from the media. Being an epitome or overture, this song features passages from various songs of the album, so it is the perfect snippet for things to come (of course you have heard Depths of the Unknown and an instrumental version of Heresy before).

Posted on 2015 Jul 08 by Epic Mind
Perfect War Machine snippets
Here are some snippets of the last writing session of Perfect War Machine, the 20-minute finale of our upcoming album Through the Labyrinth

Posted on 2015 Feb 07 by Epic Mind
Snippet of Epitome

We uploaded a snippet (small part) of Epitome, the opening track of Through the Labyrinth. Listen to it here.

Posted on 2015 Jan 06 by Epic Mind

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